Unbelievable! Harmony in animal kingdom

Animals have a sensational ability to surprise us with the rare bonds they form, often defying animal experts’ understanding and even going against the predatory instincts of nature. Whether a hippo and a turtle, a crow and a wolf, or a dog and an fish–these are all fascinating friendships animals have formed beyond the boundaries of species. Here are 13 unusual animal relationships!

Unbelievable-Harmony-animal-kingdom-17 Unbelievable-Harmony-animal-kingdom-16 Unbelievable-Harmony-animal-kingdom-15 Unbelievable-Harmony-animal-kingdom-13 Unbelievable-Harmony-animal-kingdom-12 Unbelievable-Harmony-animal-kingdom-8 Unbelievable-Harmony-animal-kingdom-7 Unbelievable-Harmony-animal-kingdom-6 Unbelievable-Harmony-animal-kingdom-20 Unbelievable-Harmony-animal-kingdom-1 Unbelievable-Harmony-animal-kingdom-2 Unbelievable-Harmony-animal-kingdom-3 Unbelievable-Harmony-animal-kingdom-5

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