Cute baby kangaroo waits for his warm milk. So much cuteness should be illegal!

Kangaroos are some of the world’s cutest animals anyway, and Bane (short for Brisbane) is an orphan joey who knows how to ratchet up the “adorable” to a whole new level!This young roo enjoys warm milk, soft baskets to sleep in, and hanging out with friends while he’s being rehabilitated and gotten ready for life in the wild.Bane’s buddy in the pictures you see here is a professional animal trainer who helps wild animals in need. These heart-melting photos come from his Reddit feed, where he shares his work with other folks around the world who love animals, too. Though he works with all kinds of beasts of every size and shape, this time he got to work with an appealing baby kangaroo, Bane.Though he’s small now, Bane will eventually weigh over 200 pounds and will stand as tall as the man who’s now caring for him. For now, though, he gets to enjoy plenty of tasty milk and good company, and even has his own teddy roo to help him sleep snugly and soundly at night!

baby-kangaroo-1 baby-kangaroo-2 baby-kangaroo-3 baby-kangaroo-4

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