After Losing Two Legs, This Cute Kitten Named Mercury Is Still Playful and Enjoying Life.

The name of this brave, beautiful and cute Kitten is “Mercury”. Even loosing his two front legs, Mercury is still playful and enjoys life with his pals.

Mercury had and accident and had horrific injuries when he was just 4 days old. His owners says that he must have been injured by a weed whacker or something. After he took Mercury to a veterinary hospital, and staff continued to care for him.

Mercury was not able to get prosthetic reason being it would need at least 40% of his limbs. Mercury will be able to get a wheel harness when he stops growing.

All this haven’t slow him down, Mercury is still playful and enjoy life everyday. Mercury is an example to all of us who loses hopes and tries to stop our life. Please no matter what happens, you can still alive and you should at least enjoy life for others. Please never gives up.

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