10 Interesting Facts about Turtle

You kids will love to hear much related to the facts about turtle. This animal is cute and sweet. It seems that it can be a good pet to decorate the aquarium or even the pond in the house. You can buy the small turtle on the store and get it in small size for easier maintenance. In this post I will show you several facts about turtle that will make you closer with its characteristics.

1.Aquatic animal

Let’s see the first point of facts about turtle. It is believed that a turtle has been on earth since 200,000,000 years ago. This animal is identified with its flipper along its bony shell. Turtle is included in the order of Testudines. In this world, it is estimated that this animal has 300 species.


2.Size of turtle

Most people love to have the small turtle as a pet on the house. The big one is a bit hard to look after. In wild area, the record of the largest turtle is taken by the leatherback sea turtle. It comes in the length up to 10 feet. What about the smallest turtle? You can see it in Speckled Padloper. The length is only measuring four inches. On average, the adult turtle has the weight ranging from 150 up to 1000 pounds.


What is carapace? It is a term used to call the domed section located on the shell of the turtle. If you see the bottom of the body, you need to call is as plastron. Just like the other animals, turtle also has uniqueness related to the physical appearance.


4.Antifreeze of body

Turtle can resist to cold temperature for it has a part in the body which can be functioned as anti freeze such protection is available when the blood of this turle is hibernated. The cold temperature under water is no longer a big deal for this bony animal.

5.Turle and tortoise

Not only children but also adults will have some difficulties to differentiate between turtle and tortoise. A tortoise lives in the water but the body is not equipped with flipper. On the other hand, turle has flipper or webbed front feet helping this animal to swim under water.

6.Food of turtle and tortoise

The next difference between both animals is on the food. Tortoise is an herbivore. It only eats leaves, vegetation and also plants. Conversely, turtle is omnivorous animal. It can eat insect, plants and vegetation.


7.Cold-blooded animals

The cool blooded animal is the seventh point of facts about turle. Turtle is included in the class of Reptilia. Some of the members of this class are lizard, snakes, crocodiles and tortoise. All of them are considered as cold blooded animals.

8.Vision of turle

One of the important parts of turtle is the eyes. They can see the object in full color. The sense of hearing and touch of this water animal is good. If you touch the shell, the nerve can function.


9.Sea turtle species

There are several sea turle species that you find in the seas. Some of them are the green sea turtles, leatherback sea turtle, Olive Ridley Sea Turtle, Hawksbill Sea Turtle, and Loggerhead Sea Turtle and Kemp’s Ridley Sea Turtle.



The last point of facts about turtles is the mating process. This animal will make some sound during the mating. The sex of the hatching usually is affected by the temperatures of the incubation. All of the turtles that you find in the sea will lay their eggs in the land to hatch.


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